Mickey Z’s RAV 5 And Much More New Stuff In the Shop

I’ve been pretty terrible about posting new books in the Wow Cool Shop here on the blog, but, I was pretty excited by today’s arrival, and, since I can barely walk after today’s big move to new offices on the other side of town, here’s a brief rundown…

As seen above, we’ve got the very limited (numbered edition of 300, and all the ones we currently have are in the first 50) brand new this week issue of Mickey Z’s R.A.V. #5 in stock for a meager six bucks. Includes a guest appearance from Michael DeForge.

Other new stuff in the shop well worth a look:

The new Nedroid Collection Beartato and the Incredible Event Book by Anthony Clark

Bowman by Pat Aulisio – Number three in the Retrofit series gets all 2001

Kevin Huizenga’s Ganges #4 – already widely regarded as one of the best comics of the year. We carry many other books by Kevin that are hard to get otherwise, including the Curses Collection and Fight or Run.

Brian Ralph’s Daybreak collection is an absolute must have. Brian Ralph… zombies. What more do you need to know.

And, the sleeper hit of the summer (um, are we past that season now?) is the first issue of Holli Hoxxx, A sci-fi comic like you wish Heavy Metal would print more of. Kevin, are you listening?! Don’t make me start a campaign or something!