Michael DeForge Comics In The Shop

We have just received a very special package from Mister Michael DeForge containing a stack of his most recent self-published comics: Kid Mafia #1 and the first and second installments of Open Country. These are all printed and hand-assembled by Michael. Also included were what may be the last few copies available in the United States of the classic Koyama Press title from 2010, Spotting Dear. Get ’em while they are hot folks!

UPDATE: Apparently they were way hotter than anyone thought. Our apologies to everyone that was unable to get copies of these books. Some of them had sold out even before this post was published today. We never expected that much of a response. The power of a single tweet. We will have more copies available when Michael can get them printed and shipped to us.

In other news (updated 3/22): The problem with first class shipping on international orders has now been fixed. Massive apologies to our non-US customers who encountered a lack of the more affordable first class shipping option on check out. This is a problem we thought had been resolved. Apparently that is not the case on all orders. We are working hard to fix it. There is nothing we can do about the high charges for Priority and Express Mail. Rates are calculated by the US Postal Service and no charges are added by us. Thank you to everyone who paid us a visit today. Don’t worry if you missed out. Those books will be back.