This little music recommendation project for the long weekend grew out of hand. Here are the four additional picks – each of which should have had their own posts, but sometimes you have to move on.

Tom Ravenscroft has been sitting in on another show on BBC 6 Music this week and he played some new music from Holy Fuck. Congrats is their first new album in some six years. Music video for Tom Tom is below. It came out like three days ago. It’s pretty new.

Fellow Canadians Hooded Fang have also dropped a new album on the world. Venus on Edge. Comic book artist and member of Creep Highway with Michael DeForge Patrick Kyle again handles the cover art.

Moby has posted like four hours of free ambient music intended for use with the Yoga. Slightly more information here.

I keep meaning to write more about The Hand. They’re one of my favorite bands recently. Maybe I will soon.