Genius comic illustrator Mark Martin is funding the creation of his newest comic – Gnatrat Lives – on Kickstarter, and at only 88% funded, he still needs your help. Mark is an old friend and colleague who has most recently contributed to Wow Cool with the cover illustrations for the Psycho Nurse! calendar and the cover art for this Spring’s Yum Yum Firecoaster CD from nickname: Rebel. Pledge opportunities are available at many low and affordable levels as well as in the sweeter seats.

This project will be an all-new 20 page RETURN FROM THE DEAD of one of my most popular cult characters, Gnatrat. How does a rat who has been dead for over a decade, and was way too old to be alive anyway when he died, return from the bowels of Hades to beat the crap out of bad guys and terrorists? We’ll all find out together when I take a sabbatical and create this comic.

The printed comic will also contain The complete 24 page “Buddy Cops” comic book that I created in 2010, plus a few pages of this and that comics that I will create during the Gnatrat sabbatical. All in all, a 48-page black-and-white comic with color covers will exist that will be the envy of all of your friends and enemies because YOU WILL BE IN IT! Everybody who pledges even a small amount will be mentioned in this comic, and anyone who pledges a larger amount will even have a walk-on part (via their avatar). See Pledge awards list for full details, and make that pledge!

Mark’s ‘Ultimate Gnatrat’ collection from Fantagraphics is still available on Amazon starting at a mere $3.33.