Magic Whistle #13 by Sam Henderson is Out Now

Magic Whistle 13

Sam Henderson started publishing the Magic Whistle series 20 years ago, and today sees the release of the 24th issue. Yes, number 13 is the 24th one. There were 10 issues in the self published volume 1 (largely collected in Humor Can be Funny and The Magic Whistle Blows) Volume 2 has had 13 print issues and the free digital collection #0. That’s 24! The all new issue 13 features the return of Gunther Bumpus and Robot Duckling and the stories ‘Three Little Fishies’, ‘The Half Plus Seven Rule’ and ‘The Origin of Dirty Danny!’ Also included are precious little valentines, a four page guest strip by Lizz Hickey and a back cover by David Goldin.

If you haven’t gotten the news yet, Sam has relaunched his website Go there now.