Last weekend Minty Lewis and Damien Jay got married!
Minty and Damien’s comics are both available in the Sparkplug Comic Books Store and both are good pals of the Sparkplug familia. The wedding was a total blast!

At the end of the night, pretty much everyone looked like this:

Isn’t Melanie a pretty pile of bride? I feel like it’s OK for me to say that in reference to her big day since Melanie consistently talks about my breasts on the internets. After that picture was taken, various bits of unrepeatable mayhem occurred.
Prior to the festivities, Brian Kaas, my loveable but totally platonic wedding date and Sparklug contributor, regaled us with tales of his current victories in life.

Here’s a picture of Brian and Damien sharing the joy in one another’s lives:

Hurray for love!
Hurray for success!