SO Many new books at SPX!
Spaniel Rage 2008 by Vanessa Davis
Department of Art (Ignatz Nominated) by Dunja Jankovic
Sweetheart #3 by Austin English
Eschew #1 by Robert Sergel
Stumblers #1 by Jeff LeVine
Tranquil Time by Onsmith and John Hankiewicz
Fine Tooth by Onsmith and John Hankiewicz
Tranny by Steve Lafler
Water Flies by Renee French
The Natural World by Damien Jay
I Am Often Mistaken For Miles Davis by Sarah Louise Wahrhaftig
Plus On Sait by Julia Gfroerer
All the Acient Kings by Julia Gfroerer
Real Madness #2 by Bobby Madness
The Marty Chronicles by Liz Dunning and Teppei Ando
Manhole #3 by Sacha Mardou
I Cut My Hair by Lisa Eisenberg
Estrus #6 by Mari Niaomi
Avenging Mind by Steve Ditko
Cryptic Wit #2 by Gerald Jablonski
Laterborn #6 by Jason Martin

And lots lots more. Seriously. But no Tim Goodyear, sorry.