As mentioned recently here, the founding members of my old band Brown Cuts Neighbors – Jason and Colleen ‘Lady Starlight’ Martin – are re-uniting on stage for eight of the upcoming east coast shows on Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball Tour. We will be running a little interview with Jason here later this week or next about the shows. In the meanwhile, please enjoy the above interview with Lady Starlight. Her story about the leather jacket reminded me of a garment that I’d totally forgotten about for years. At some point in time I acquired an old (like, World War II) military issue horse hide pilots jacket. I’ve forgotten most everything about it (was it RAF, Army Air Force?) except that at some point, either through shear age or some other factor, it had reached a point that it had this stench that was just too much to deal with and it had to go. I can guarantee that either Jason or Colleen (or probably both) can remember in minute detail what happened with that stinky thing.