Kitchen Mittens and Skull Measurements

I have certain fascinations, passions, interests and obsessions. Always having a camera in my pocket means I now take thousands of photos related to them. Sometimes the meaning can only be demonstrated in sequence or juxtaposition. Most of the time they just sit undisturbed on a flash card or hard drive. Lately my love of language and advertising has been getting pretty aggressively scratched at random by things around me. Sometimes you need to look closely, at other times they are screaming so loud in your face that you are likely to ignore them. Draw your own conclusions.

Alternative Meat - a section in the frozen foods aisle at Whole Foods

Chinese Spaghetti Sauce

Lucky Swallow

Ethnic Hair Care - at Target. I think they mean Black

Mountain Dew Throwback - Made with real sugar

RAPE - Someone spelled out RAPE with the animal print letters at the fabric store - click to enlarge.

And, yes, Alternative Meat is a great punk rock band name. Go run with it. I don’t need it.