My good friend and bandmate Nick Carpenter is associate producing this documentary. It launched its Kickstarter a few hours ago. Have a look. Help out. Watch until the end as you will have a laugh.

Syl is a super interesting subject, a major part of soul music history, and a volatile person and performer today. We need your help to tell his story. Watch the video, tell people about it, consider donating yourself – all that good stuff. Or even just play some Syl Johnson on youtube today. The guy has got a special voice and we’re excited to introduce you to him.

Please notice all the ridiculously cool, exclusive rewards. The tote, the tee, the poster, the art. Whoa!

If you know anyone else who might be interested in checking this out, please help spread the word. The response has been great so far, but we want a big first couple days to keep the momentum high.

Thanks so much for your help!