Music video for Autoautomatic from “The Target Museum.” Directed/produced/edited by Olivia Robinson & Jesse Stiles. Music by Jesse Stiles, lyrics by Jesse Ball & Jesse Stiles. Filmed in New Delhi, India.

NEW! From Jesse Stiles on Wow Cool’s sister label Specific Recordings is the sizzling, much anticipated release the Target Museum as a limited-edition vinyl Picture Disk. There is also a related videogame by Moleindustria called Inside a Dead Skyscraper.

Jesse Stiles’ long awaited debut is here on approximately 250 slabs of crazy looking vinyl. Many of the songs on this record were written while Jesse worked wearing a hazmat suit inside one of the partially destroyed buildings surrounding the ground zero site. They capture that hallucination of contradictory images and turn them into catchy and unique electronic pop masterpieces. The Target Museum was recorded on a former military base in Wendover, Utah and various parts of India.

The release party was Saturday night at 51 3rd Street in Troy, New York with Jesse, Denim & Diamonds, Stephan Moore of Evidence and Crossbow. Wish I could have attended. The last time I played at 51 3rd, Jesse was booked at the other side of town with both our shows that much the poorer for it. (Thanks for the shout-out on the Evidence LP in the show announcement, Jesse! Do you still have that old rotary metal stool of mine? It was quite musical, I hope it was of use.)

Also released earlier this year is Watson Songs by The Jesse Stiles 3000