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For those who were without New York public access TV or forgot to steam this last night. It’s Jason Martin on the Chris Gethard Show. Apologies to our Philly friends. The Jason action starts around 21 minutes in with “Alpha Dog”. They return at 45:30 with Mariah Moriah. After that you’re on your own. It’s pretty much an Evolution Revolution reunion with Aaron Smith, Troy Pohl and Jesse Pellerin. Chris knows his history, and he gives a little love to Brown Cuts Neighbors:

On top of all THAT, we will be joined by the fine musical stylings of Jason Martin. Not ONLY will he be bringing his danceable, experimental, crazy cool pop music to our fine show from the northern wilds of Albany, NY, Jason is ALSO an old school public access hero who was one of the masterminds behind a show that is clearly a kindred spirit to our own, Brown Cuts Neighbors. I am excited and flattered to welcome a musician of his caliber to our crappy little public access stage.

In other Jason news, there are some astounding photos up on Brooklyn Vegan of the Andrew W. K. show from a few nights ago which featured Jason’s Power Animals with Aleister X.

Get Jason’s songs on his SoundCloud page.
Jason’s most recent release is the Harmonic Time Cycles & Scary Guitar Man Cassette on Yeay! Tapes

The show is also available as a podcast on iTunes It’s episode #41.