Michael Wilson at Art Forum covers The Bruce High Quality Foundation Field of Dreams Event, including a fine photo of Jason in full wolfman garb. ArtObserved.com checks in with several photos of the event and much talk with Mister Martin.

Jason Martin, who gave his interview dressed as a wolf, presented “Power Animal Wrestling.” Martin’s work is based on drawings he made throughout his early lifetime. It wasn’t until recently that he revealed these “secret drawings, deciding to “out” his characters. Martin considers the piece to be a work in progress, and each performance is an “improvement upon the last.” According to Martin, “It’s very vulnerable, and it still freaks me out.” And Martin is quick to clarify that, while the drawings and creatures were his idea, he does not consider them to be technically his creation. “I felt like the drawings were coming from outside of me. And I was freaked out by all of the sexual, gender, and mythological ramifications that they had, which I wasn’t able to clarify when I was a young child.” At the fair on Saturday, Martin and a group of fellow animals – cats and dogs – wrestled on the ground in the shade.