Sneaky, Sneaky, Mr. Jason Martin has splattered his SoundCloudness with many the songs over the last couple of weeks. A stranger spread of sound would be hard to assemble, too. We stretch right back to the earliest days of his work with his sister Colleen (AKA Lady Starlight) in the original Brown Cuts Neighbors, and spring back to some of his most recent guitar splayings. Of note in the mix is an instrumental version of Denim & Diamonds’ “Street Medics Unite” I’m pretty sure this is a different mix from what showed up on their CD.

Patient Zero (for the Sensitive Tail) by Jason Martin

When The World Changes Should Could Would (childhood recording) by Jason Martin

Street Medics Unite (Instrumental ReInVersion) c.2004 by Jason Martin

And, yes, it seems that Jason has created a theme for the Vaginal Davis Show.

Vaginal Davis Show Theme (2010) by Jason Martin