James Kopta Eight Years Gone

Eight years… Jame Kopta was a dear friend and brilliant artist and musician who I was very lucky to work with on numerous projects over the course of nearly 13 years. He is still very much missed. Eight years ago today he died in a drowning accident. This morning I received the (hopefully) final mix of a track from an unreleased Brown Cuts Neighbors session that is finally being prepared for release on vinyl and digitally. Wow Cool is just getting properly rolling on digitizing and making available the vast archive of work created by Brown Cuts Neighbors. There are many riches to be found there, and it will be a great day when official release dates can finally be announced. Stay tuned. It is really happening now.

In the meanwhile, the original tribute section of this site can still be viewed here. It contains photos, a message board and sound clips. Jim’s new artist page on the redesigned WowCool.com is still a work in progress.