Irony takes it in the back

Read that however you like…

I’ve been assaulted lately by clueless advertising. Bad concept, execution and placement. First of all this has been a lesson to carry a camera at all times. Even while driving. And at whatever personal risk.

It is because I did not follow this cardinal rule that I do not have my own shot of the Chick-fil-A SEC Tailgate campaign billboard on I-40 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Two cows dressed as cheerleaders is, of course, always funny. It’s great that whoever put this piece of outdoor together consistently used the Chick-fil-A corporate colors of red, black and white; but, they may wish they’d gone for the UT Vol’s orange and white on the cheerleader outfits instead of the colors of UT rivals the Georgia Bulldogs.

Where’s the remote when I need it! Fire up the TIVO!
As a part-time resident of Brooklyn and a serious green-type person, I am fully in support of the GreeNYC initiative and its goal to make New York City “cleaner, healthier, more reliable and more sustainable”. I think it’s great that they are even taking out clever little animated spots on cable TV. So, when I saw the spot on the Biography Channel today, I was a little confused… because I was watching it in Tennessee.

ED in ’08
Ever since Bob Dole brought erectile disfunction into our living rooms a few years ago, it seems like you can’t escape a wealth of pills, potions and gadgets advertised in all forms of media that are guaranteed to make you get hard quicker, stay hard longer, grow your cock bigger and come harder than you ever imagined. Now you can jump on the bandwagon and join the movement that Bob started by becoming part of The “I am ED” Project! Brought to you by Strong American Schools with support from the Broad Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

ED in ‘08

I first became aware of this much needed campaign through this curious juxtaposition that I scrolled up on my screen on the popular Boing Boing site.