Irony Dies Screaming

Irony Dies Screaming

A photo essay with minimal commentary. Mostly taken in Brooklyn during the week of CMJ 2010. You work as a graphic artist for 20 years and this sort of stuff drives you crazy.

There are certain things that are constant to Brooklyn. Egg sandwiches are easy to come by, coffee is served with milk, not cream, and the best places all serve Boars Head meats. This place on Prospect Park West is extra special… they have Board’s Head.

Non-Ultra Ivory. Sort of like Coke Classic. Right? WTF? Non-Ultra???

From the CMJ 2010 Festival Guide. We get 17 pages of the Artist Guide before an under-diligent graphic artist slips and leaves the template text – “page title” in. Then, a few more properly labeled pages and a spectacular nine pages of “page title”

From a recent series on the MTA’s subway cars, this one on an F Train. “Trees. Mother Nature’s Version of Zen” Part of the Million Trees NYC campaign. Sorry guys… the yin yang/iChing symbol is Taoist… not really zen. Look it up.

Vintage ad in the MTA Transit Museum

I live in Cupertino, we have i-everything here. even an iRestaurant… The CDTA – Capital District Transportation Authority of the Albany New York area has something special. Their new buses are the iRide.

In Brooklyn I live in Windsor Terrace… it has a serious history of hardworking firefighters, police, sanitation workers and soldiers. Memorials to those dead or wounded in battle are on nearly every corner… on one block (the cobble stoned stretch in front of Holy Name church made famous in “As Good As It Gets”) the memorial plaques are placed at the foot of every tree. Little could be more tragic than this ominous monolith that sits in Bartel-Pritchard Square. The War Memorial was erected in 1965, on the eve of US escalation of the conflict in Vietnam. A decade of death followed that surely took more than its share of Brooklynites.

Lady Gaga and Dr. Dre mashup. Both have headphones from Monster. Did something go wrong here?