Got into the local Cingular store (complete with the the blue vinyl “now the new AT&T” banner flapping over it) just before 7pm (local time)… was asked with a chuckle by a sales dude what he could help me with, and then had a sales chick brandish a boxed/shrinked iPhone at me… “It’s the last one! …but it’s a four gig…” “Oh, uh, thanks anyway… do you have one I can play with?”

Um… yeah, it does, as they say, totally rock. qwerty board was slightly rough with my fat thumbs, and the screen direction changing was not as responsive as would be ideal… anyway

Really wish I’d explored this now, but the one really funny thing on the demo units was the selection of tracks in iTunes, like, say, 1984 by Van Halen… The real kicker was the Star Wars theme by John Williams. I couldn’t resist a jab at an AT&T dude… I’m pretty sure he was familiar with the Death Star brand recognition issue. I’m sure there were many more choice hits. Maybe “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones? oof. (you can buy all of these on ITunes, btw… I checked)

Update: The brilliant Peter Kirn on CDM reminds of us an old Apple chestnut that is suddenly so very funny.