Introducing ‘Get Introduced’ Dollar Books From Alternative Comics


We have marked down a selection of books by various artists and from several series that are great ‘jumping on’ or ‘get introduced to’ points.., most of them from Alternative Comics. So, now, for a mere dollar, you can get many great comics that previously cost three to five times that. Among these bargains are:

Alternative Comics #1, 2 & 3

Bipolar #2 by the Hanuka Brothers

French Lessons by Leela Corman

Hickee Volume 2, Number 1 by Graham Annable, Scott Campbell & Co.

Magic Whistle #1 by Sam Henderson

Miriam by Rich Tommaso

Spectacles #1, 2, 3 & 4 by Jon Lewis

Sunburn by James Kochalka

True Swamp Vol. 1 #2 by Jon Lewis

Yellow Baby by Jed Alexander

There are also many other excellent bargains (so far, largely from Alan Moore’s America’s Best Comics) in our dollar bin and two dollar bin sections. Many more will be on the way soon.