5 years till the end of days party

FRIDAY DEC. 21ST at 51 3rd st. TROY, NEW YORK

With special guest: DJ JESSE STILES

9pm b.y.o.b.

December 21st, 2007 marks the beginning of the 5 year countdown to a 2012 Armageddon, long ago foretold by Mayan soothsayers as “the end of man”. The forces of fate will converge this Friday in the city of Troy, NY at 51 3rd street as musicians, artists, and heathens make merry to mark the beginning of the end.

SCIENTIFIC MAPS headline this extravaganza of sight and sound. Part anglophile pop, part clever wordplay, The Maps create a sonic concoction that makes the listener wonder: “what if Ray and Dave Davies HAD strangled each other on stage? Would they be up in heaven listening to The Shins?”

is a man with a band, playing cosmic space cowboy
ballads that marry Bowie with Gram Parsons. A fuzzy rocket of
keyboard pop takes off for the stratosphere.

JASON MARTIN opens the show with deconstructed pop, pedals, and effects. A Hudson Valley veteran of the scene, Martin’s performances promise to be unpredictable and engaging.

After the bands, the dance machine that is DJ Jesse StIles comes
online. Expect to sweat.