I’m a Mowin’, Roastin’, Compostin’ Fool

So, yeah, we just moved. Still getting settled in, but some new systems are starting to slide into place… Here’s a few from today.

First time out with the new manual mower. Will pay for itself in about 6 weeks. We don’t really have much grass. There will be less soon. Food Not Lawns!

I figured I had to make a roast at least once. There are just certain things I’m not a fan of doing to foods. Slow Cooked Beef Brisket is probably one of those. It came out pretty good. Plenty of left overs, which was the whole goal of the project.

The kitchen compost bin, with detailed instructions. This gets transfered to a big Dalek-like thing in the back yard twice a week, with some leaves and grass clippings and such. Looking forward to having some actual compost in… uh, the Spring.

Projects waiting in the wings… sandbox, kombucha, recessed lights in the living room, accessorize mad pimp out the bicycle, um, I forgot what else…