Ian Lynam “Space is the Place” Exhibit & Lecture Tour

Our esteemed colleague Mr. Ian Lynam, hotshot graphic designer and former proprietor of Migraine Publications, is going to be returning to the homeland from his adopted Nippon to show some art and flap his gums.

“Space Is The Place” – Graphic Design by Ian Lynam will be on show at Land Gallery, Portland, Oregon. Opens Friday, October 7, 2011 at 5pm. Runs through October 30, 2011. The show’s a selection of work from the past 12 years of graphic design, featuring a bevy of poster designs, music packaging, book design, broadcast design and animation and tons of odds and ends. 1,000 zine-style catalogs will be given away at the exhibition that features recent writing.

Ian Lynam U.S. lecture tour in early October:

He walks. He talks. He projects his voice and waves his hands around! Glib, incisive commentary on Japanese typography, recent projects, writing on graphic design, and the state of Design in Japan today.