My band, nickname: Rebel, will have a new album for 2008. OK, it’s really going to be a solo joint, but I’m feeling the Rebel vibe. The basic pitch is, you have 29 days in February to record an album of new music… at least 10 songs or 35 minutes. Comics have 24 Hour Comics day, aspiring authors have National Novel Writing Month and there is also Album Writing Month in February for all those songwriter types with a goal of 14 (and a half) songs in the shortest month of the year. For home recordists, indy producers, garage bands… and anyone else with a tape deck or computer, there is the RPM Challenge.

In freakout post punk party mode in my identity as the voice and melody of nickname: Rebel I have taken the challenge, as has Wow Cool recording artist Rev. Joshua Baker (Chased and Smashed, God Hates, Computers, Kilauea, etc.)… hopefully more will jump on board and pump out the hits. Stay tuned for updates from the studio.

Do you want to play?