I Have Little To Say

The House of Wow Cool is deeply involved in getting a few projects out to press and arranging release events for same. All will become clear over the next several months. Clues are available on the Events page. In the meanwhile, while thing were getting done, there was some sort of event in San Diego going on known as Comic Con. Of note at this was the induction of Michael Wm. Kaluta into something called the Eisner Awards Hall of Fame. Michael was the sole living inductee in this years’ event. He wasn’t actually there. The first book I ever edited and designed that was nominated for an Eisner for was a sketchbook collection of Mr. Kaluta’s from Kitchen Sink Press in 1994. We lost to Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics (which I did a bit of production work on anyways), certainly no shame or surprise there. Much congratulations to Mike for an honor so deserved. My photos of Mike’s studio circa 1993 that were taken for the aforementioned book are on view here. I’m sure we’ll talk again soon.