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Something Good To Read on a Sunday

Just one item this week. Busy at the Alternative Press Expo in San Jose.

This is a must-read comic: “The EPA Used to Be Uncontroversial, Now It’s Being Gutted” by...

AltComics Podcast Steve Lafler Live at APE 2017 in San Jose

Straight out of San Jose from MACLA as part of APE 2017 – The Alternative Press Expo – SPOTLIGHT ON STEVE LAFLER– Marc Arsenault hosts a free-wheeling discussion with...

Something Good To Read on a Sunday

There is now a BoJack HorseApp


VCV Open-source (as in FREE) virtual Eurorack DAW for Mac, Windows or Linux with source code and a manual, even. (via...

The Stupid Pages 42: You Will Never Stop Me

The Stupid Pages 41: You Should Have Drawn The Box Larger

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