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Eddie Constantine in Hail Mafia
It’s the real panic. With Jack Klugman & Henry Silva. More info than you need. [...]
Don DeLillo Should get every damn literary prize
Someone (whom I could not find again) posted something to the effect of “I’m voting for the presidential candidate who nominates Don DeLillo for the Nobel Prize” on thee face...
Join the King-Cat Comix Fan Club
I got some exciting mail from John Porcellino today — an official King-Cat Comix Fan Club membership card. Hand inscribed by John P himself to me. You too can get yours by supporting...
Manifold Garden – Beautiful Puzzle Explorer Game Coming Soon
This is some crazy lovely (possibly seizure inducing) eye candy. I don’t exactly have a folder on my hard drive containing only non-Euclidean Portal and HL2 mods… but near enough....
The Beach Boys – Mt. Vernon and Fairway (A Fairy Tale)
Whatever with Pet Sounds. Have you listened to Surf’s Up? That one will change you. [...]

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