Help SAW in 2013


To do this, we’re asking for your help. Donations, to keep our lights on, to pay our evil landlord (super evil!), to keep our Risograph running. Every donation matters and helps as does every click to help spread the word . No effort is too small. Get over to IndieGoGo now to help out.

Your donations are tax-deductible though Fractured Atlas (until our own 501(c)3 status is finalized.)

Many of our gifts are of limited or single quantity, so we are asking that you read the below, then visit our Etsy store to make your final choice. Put your specific requests in the comments field, or email us at 

We will be filing thank yous on a ROLLING BASIS so if you want something by Christmas or mailed to someone else, let us know and we will do it. We have outstanding interns waiting to package your prints and posters!

Gifts from Derek Ballard, John Porcellino, Vanessa Davis, Michael DeForge, Dash Shaw, Eleanor Davis and more!

Some benchmarks and rewards for you:

$10 will help us print some more postcards and fliers. For this you’ll receive the below 5 x 7 postcard by Michael DeForge.

DeForge Postcard

$25 will go to our fund for more art supplies. For this, we’ll send you the above postcard plus any poster found on our Etsy store:

New Posters

$50 will go to repairs to our ceiling fan, or getting that hole closed in the closet. Grab a postcard and take either the John P $50 print or Michael DeForge 11×17 print, or 2 $25 posters from:

New Prints

$100 will go to utilities. We’ve got lots of single drawings on Etsy for you at that donation amount.  Or take two prints or 4 posters!

New Drawings

$200 pays our rent for two weeks! We have lots of original art at our Etsy store for this donation amount:

New Drawings

$500 will help get another artist down here to recharge in the warm air while teaching our students. Contact us about a funding gift or combine from the Etsy Store.

$1000 will blow our minds, help support all the artists and students both here at SAW and beyond, thank you. What can we reward you with? Name it, let us know!

Our $7500 total is a lowball description of what we need, and aimed towards only keeping the doors open through 2013. The more we manage to raise, the more everyone wins, especially the students and visiting artists of SAW. So please, if you can donate to support quality education, affordable access to skills and resources that support artists and engage students.

Thank you!

Tom Hart