RUB THE BLOOD is an Art Comix tabloid that explores the lasting influence (for better or worse) of the Early 90’s Collector Boom comics of Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, etc. on today’s most fringe underground cartoonists. RUB THE BLOOD features never-seen-before comix and artwork by: PAT AULISIO (BOWMAN), JOSH BAYER (RAW POWER), WILLIAM CARDINI (HYPERCASTLE), VICTOR CAYRO (KRAMERS ERGOT 6), IAN HARKER (SECRET PRISON), PB KAIN (PEELING GLASS), KEENAN MARSHALL KELLER (DRIPPY BONES), PETER LAZARSKI (IMAGINARY MONSTERS), BENJAMIN MARRA (NIGHT BUSINESS), JIM RUGG (AFRODISIAC), THOMAS TOYE (COLLECTIVE STENCH), MICKEY Z (RAV). Pledge packages include, among many other fine incentives, a VHS ‘behind the scenes’ tape and copies of Secret Prison.

RUB THE BLOOD will debut at the 2011 BROOKLYN COMICS & GRAPHICS FEST and will only be available in person, or from backing the project on Kickstarter.

WARNING: Some NSFWish penis drawings and f-bombs in the second half of the video.