Hey all!  I hope you had safe and fun holidays!  I getting back into my rhythm here at Sparkplug, wrapping up our Kickstarter rewards, adding new distro books to the store and getting together our travel and publishing schedule for 2015.

I wanted to remind everyone in case it was overlooked during the hectic month that is December – Sparkplug put out the last of our Kickstartered books, Bird Girl and Fox Girl by Yumi SakugawaBird Girl and Fox Girl is the story of the end of a friendship and how it echoes forward through the main character’s lives.  It is, like so much of Sakugawa’s work, a phenomenal example of minimalist storytelling with maximum emotional impact.  Her linework is loose, simple and ragged-edged; the tale it weaves is heartbreaking.

Be sure to pick up your copy of this limited edition book soon!