Sparkplug will be at two shows in the next couple weeks and we have a new book for you.
We are premiering Habitat #2 by Dunja Jankovic, the sequel to her Department of Art.
Robert Sergel, Virginia Paine and Zack Soto will be running the Sparkplug table at the Brooklyn
Comics and Graphics Festival  Saturday Dec. 4th, next weekend.  Zack will be presenting the East
Coast premiere of Studygroup 12 #4. They’ll be are at table 18. Last year this show was amazing
and this year looks to be even more so, seriously.
They may even have a preview of Austin English’s new book, the Disgusting Room.
The following weekend (Saturday Dec. 11th) I’ll be running the Sparkplug table at the
East Bay Alternative Press Book Fair in Berkeley, Ca. They are going to have a
bunch of great people there like Jason Martin, Susie Cagle and Family Style so
make sure to come visit.
And on Sunday Dec. 12th we’ll be at the Sacramento Comic Book and Toy Show in Sacramento, CA!
Habitat #2 is available for purchase on our online store
right now at

And more great news! Gay Genius is funded and will be published in 2011. Annie Murphy

will be co-publishing the book with Sparkplug. It looks amazing:

Lastly, we’ll have an old fashioned print catalog available in early 2011. Here is the cover:


 Keep an eye out for it.