Great Black Swamp Olde Time Strongman Picnic – DVD is out Now!

Not the oddest credit on my CV, but close. This is the glossy video document of that strange and singular event I co-promote in the wilds of Ohio every year. It’s a lot more than just a buncha guys bending and lifting stuff. Here’s the official description:

An American version of the cult classic “Extreme Kung Fu”! See shocking strength stunts and stunning displays of endurance. Cringe and admire as steel rods are bent, telephone books are torn, baseball bats are broken (over someone’s head!), a bed of nails is survived, kettle bells are juggled, an engine block is lifted by hand and a mountain lion trap is used for more than it was intended! Do not try this at home! A sure party favorite!

A movement has grown in America for the last few years of weight lifters and strength trainers who reject the world of drugs and complicated exercise machines. Instead they have adopted the training methods and equipment of Asia and old time strongmen. At an annual picnic in the sleepy college town of Bowling Green, Ohio, these modern day Samsons swing indian clubs, lift Shaolin stone locks and balls, and perform amazing feats of strength; the likes have not been seen since the sideshows of yesteryear.

Bob Hoffman would be proud. Not since his Birthday Picnics has the strength world seen an event like this! A genuine strongman picnic has been absent since the Mighty Atom performed for the York Barbell Company and John Grimek answered questions about how to get bigger arms. The modern cast of characters includes Pat “The Human Vise” Povilaitis, Dockery & Rosendaul’s Kettlebell Juggling Team, “Big” Bob Karhan, 7?2? Bobby Saxon, Greg “Magic Fingers” Irwin and the Unknown Strongest Man From Cleveland, and many more players of the Iron Game. Music by Jason Martin of Evolution Revolution and Brown Cuts Neighbors.

You can get your very own copy from:
Amazon | Atomic Athletic | Martial Arts Mart | Wow Cool

Here’s the IMDB entry.

And now…. a bonus bit from the DVD – a short document of a photoshoot on the Jersey shore with Pat Povilaitis where he bends a horseshoe into a heart shape!

Music by Mr. Jason Martin

–Marc Arsenault