Dear Friends:

Some of you have been asking what will happen to Sparkplug now that my husband, Dylan Williams, is no longer with us.  This is to let you know that Virginia Paine, Tom Neely and I will be continuing to run things as best we can.  Our immediate plans are to continue online sales, and to get through the conventions for this Fall and Winter.  We’ve just been to A.P.E. in San Francisco, and we’ll be present at MIX in Minneapolis next month, as well as the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival in December. 

We need your support now as much as ever.  We are grieving at the same time as we are trying to keep business afloat, and trying not to overstrain ourselves.  We want to publish again soon but that is a step we will consider more once we get through the next few months.

Thank you for all of the kindness you have given us in these recent weeks.

Emily Nilsson