Tomorrow is everyone’s favorite holiday: Free Comic Book Day!  This year Sparkplug teamed up with Portland publishers Floating World Comics, Snakebomb Comix and Teenage Dinosaur to bring you BARRIO MOTHERS!  With art and stories by Souther Salazar, Nick Norman, Josh Juresko, Sophie Franz, Karissa Sakumoto, Asher Z. Craw, Wally Catton, Andrew Scully and Cameron Hawker, Barrio Mothers is pure delight for zero dollars.  Head to local comic shop tomorrow to pick up your copy!

If you are in an area where Barrio Mothers is not available, don’t worry!  Sparkplug will be adding it to our online store next week for the reasonable price of one penny (plus shipping).

In other news, things are chugging along for our next book, The Anthropologists by Whit Taylor.  It should be ready for CAKE at the end of the month!

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