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A review of the Jason Martin Stupid Pages strips (about a year before we decided on that as a name to package them in)

The two comics I’ve only seen at Fantagraphics that are memorable are “Albequerque Ben,” by Richard P. Butler, which is amazing, and a few Xeroxes of nonsense strips Al Columbia got from Marc Arsenault featuring some guy’s strip with titles like “Cassette Bird” and “I’m Gonna Pop Your Cheddar Legs.” I think both artists have socializations problems, let’s say, but the comics are amazing.
–Tom Spurgeon

The San Diego Comicon Panel transcript in which it appears

Tom Spurgeon – The Comics Reporter

Thanks Tom! Jason is clearly better at it (I like to think I’m better at getting a good gut laugh). Jason was also responsible for the slogan of the month in the Comics Journal once. Can’t quite remember what or when on that.