Dirty Dirty Dirty Showbiz

“I had an imaginary band and it turned into a real band”, or some words to that effect, was how Colleen Martin (aka Lady Starlight) described how her and her brother Jason’s childhood band Brown Cuts Neighbors, took on a life of its own some 20 years ago. I was in that band for two long stretches during its 13 years of realness and I approve that description. Compared to most else of what we all we got up to… it’s a bit harder to explain.

Sandwiched in between legs of the Monster Ball tour with Lady Gaga, the opening acts from it: Lady Starlight and Semi Precious Weapons, have squeezed in a flurry of dates around the country on the Dirty Showbiz Tour with Breedlove joining the crew. I caught up with them Tuesday at Slim’s in San Francisco. The first thing you need to know is that Slim’s has some of the best tortilla chips you will ever eat. Next… I cannot believe how hard these people work. These are some seriously dedicated musicians (A DJ with amazing stage presence and a strong liver in Starlight’s case). It’s a great show. Catch it if you can.

See my set of 32 photos from the show on flickr.

Above photo: Semi Precious Weapons Psycho Donuts. Rock Candy Topping. Champagne Cream Filling. Designed by Shango, AKA Nurse Dylan.