A multimedia diary comic extravaganza featuring Melinda Tracy Boyce, Clutch, Virginia Paine and of course, Jesse Reklaw!

Ten Thousand Things To Do by Jesse Reklaw: This daily diary comic candidly details the cartoonist’s lifestyle of inking, drinking, and anxious thinking. Like a mashup of Jim Davis and Franz Kafka, these dense yet economical strips document frustration, chronic pain, and all the filthy jokes that Reklaw’s cartoon pals make. Plus there’s cute kitty cats and gags about lasagna. OK, just kidding about the lasagna. Check out more of Jesse’s work here.

Clutch #19 — The Lost Years by Clutch McBastard: For over five years, Clutch McBastard kept a daily diary comic about his life, his adventures, his job, and the funny things his friends would say. Now, for the first time, Clutch opens up his vault of unpublished comics and seldom seen rarities from his annual split zine with Nicole Georges of Invincible Summer zine for this giant 320-page book to complete the last full sized issue of this cult favorite. Clutch and other fine comics are published by Tugboat Press.

Milky Boots #10 by Virginia Paine: Virginia Paine has been drawing the diary comic Milkyboots for two years.  The latest issue recounts her trips to Wisconsin and England, winter blahs, job problems and everything in between. There are also cute kitty cats. Check out her blog here.

Melinda Tracy Boyce is an aspiring graphic novelist and is currently trying to get her daily diary comics published. She lives in Portland with her boyfriend Aaron Whitaker and loves Slurpees with a passion. You can read some of her comics here.
This event is free and so is the beer.