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Doris an Anthology 1991-2001
by Cindy Gretchen Ovenrack Crabb

Massive collection of the best of the first 10 years of Cindy G. O.'s (Astrid Oto, Trouble Trouble Trouble, Blank Fight) Doris zine. Cindy writes about simple and common things - playing music, cooking, sex... in a way that resonates with universal understanding. Stories, letters, comix from outposts in Oakland, Asheville, New York, Portland, Minneapolis and all over the world, documenting a life of searching, creating, combatting and challenging.

300+ Page Paperback Book $12.00

Struction s/t CD EP

This band is so brilliant we had to carry their stuff. For those who miss Submission Hold, or love Be Your Own Pet. Visit their site for the whole story and music and video downloads.

$9.00 postpaid in the US.

Struction - 13 Minutes of Love and Doom CD EP

More brilliance

$9.00 postpaid in the US.

Scott Smallwood - Electrotherapy CD
A CD of electronic sound compositions based on recordings of early 20th-century electrical devices, including induction coils, an ultra violet ray oscillator, a diathermy machine, and a sectorless wimshurst machine. These devices are part of Pete Barvoets private collection. (Deep Listening DL29). Listen to track 13 - "Haliwell" For more information about Pete's devices, see

Compact Disc $12.00

"If you ever heard the sound of lightbulb that is near the end of its life, you may have any idea how this release sounds: the sound static electricity. That may sound simple, but Smallwood knows how to craft a very fine piece of music. Some of these pieces are downright 'industrial' - and I mean industrial in the sense of industry, not the musical term - and 'noise coming from a factory' like in 'Energex', but in other instances the statics are cut up into rhythms and even music, like in 'Sunkraft' or in 'Ropiquet'. Here Smallwood creates zombie-like techno music, more electric than Pan Sonic. Especially in these two tracks, Smallwood shows us the potential of creating 'music' out of 'noise' - and I see even possibilities of a remix project there."
---Frans de Waard, Vital Newsletter.

Denim and Diamonds
Street Medics Unite! CD
Eight glorious glitch-pop tracks of thunder by Tyler Jacobsen, Squiggy Diamond and Jason Martin produced in the advanced bionics lab of Magic Recording Eye studios. Features a remix of Disneyland in Iraq by nickname: Rebel drummer/trumpeter sCaught and a reworking of The title track by Magic Recording Eye. CD also includes several videos. (Bloodlink Records blood042) Listen to the title track.

Compact Disc $11.00

Crashin' In says: ...extremely jerky, dancy, and fun. [Tyler] has made a name for himself by remixing The Faint's last album and with ...By The Trail of Dead. Suzanne Thorpe from Mercury Rev also makes a guest appearance. It sounds like Ladytron on tons of acid and speed. Cool stuff for fans of The Unicorns, Le Tigre, Les George Leningrad, Numbers, and Erase Errata.

boomerang The Boomerang Project exists to release previously unseen works by the late James Kopta. All money from the sale of these items goes in to that fund. You can also support the project by doing your online shopping through iGive.

Hail Mary
Glorious Morning 7"

James wrote and played blistering guitar for this mid-tempo punk powerhouse, that has too often been compared to His Hero is Gone and Born Against. Hail Mary's debut single "Glorious Morning" is finally back in print. Interbang magazine said, "It should be a crime not to own this." (Prank Records)

7" record - $3.75

Hail Mary
Crashing Down 7"

The classic record from the classic lineup. Seriously, one of the best punk 7"s ever issued. Songs: Crashing Down, El Toro, For What it's Worth, Why Pay More? Production and cover art by Neil Burke (Vermiform Records 33)

7" record - $3.75

7 Song 7"

Another classic from Jim Kopta, Devon Cahill (Drop Dead), Mark Telfian and Tony Trahan. Before Hail Mary was the even darker Conniption. Fold-open poster cover/lyric sheet. Includes additional fold-out poster. Art by Justus Hanson. (Framework Records 003)

7" record - $3.75

Jim Kopta
The Legend of Frank Budgen CD

This sampler EP contains six songs from a large collection of "Frank Budgen" songs. These are the original demo recordings recorded in June, 2001 in Troy, New York. Listen to Headed for the Tall Grass.

20 minute cdr - $6.00

James Kopta Memorial Concert Poster
Poster from the September 22, 2002 concert featuring Brown Cuts Neighbors, The Phlegmchuckers, Kamikaze Hearts, Jump Cannon, nickname: Rebel, Damian Catera, Bryan Keiser, Faking Trains and many more. Designed by Marc Arsenault. Signed and numbered edition of 20. Silkscreened in 2 colors on heavy white stock. Suitable for framing!

View larger.

11 x 17" 2-color poster. Mailed flat - $10.00

James Kopta
That Dog Drives a Go-kart book

Memorial booklet containing three of James' short stories, four of his cartoons, photos and some memories by his friends. Stories: Moonshine Man, Playing Around the Beat and The Boston Crab.

20-page book - $2.00

Brown Cuts Neighbors
Broken Down Like A Bean 7"

The first record from 1990.
9 songs and 12-page booklet. Avant-punk with tape collage and found percussion. "I know its probably only performance art but I like it" went the review in Your Flesh. Contains the classics Truckhead, Some People Say I'm Building You a Nest, The Fashion ParadeGoes Blust and five more!

7" 33rpm record - $6.00

Brown Cuts Neighbors
Squeeze Out Another Twinkle 7"

Six song EP from 1995. Songs, spoken word, cut-ups, tape loops. Instruments: vocals, guitar, bass, sax, drums, reel-to-reels. Songs: X-Simple-X, We Hunted for Vests in Charcoal, The Amplified Charlie Horse. With Dara from His Name is Alive and many other bands.

7" 33rpm record - $5.00

Brown Cuts Neighbors
Speckled Pea of the Nets Machine tape

First tape to be distributed under the "DeptEx." label. Mostly from one exhausting day-long session in the living room, 10/21/96. Personnel: Jason Martin, James Kopta, Bryan Kieser, Roger Kozlow.

30 minute cassette - $4.00

Brown Cuts Neighbors
In Case of Emergency, Contact the Horses
Obsessive layers of warm fuzzy 4-track production and arrangements make it fun for repeated listening. Also good for long car trips. Features the smash hits: "Family of Bran Winds," "Soapy Dime Eater," and "Atlas: Fire Him." Also, the original "Fat Ivory Monkey."

30 minute cassette - $4.00

5 Chin 400
hey god, stop pushing! 7"
The classic single - available again! 5 Chin 400 were: Becky Schmoyer, Steven Sicher, Paul Geluso and former Brown Cuts Neighbors drummer Michael Lopez. Split release from ERL Records/Footlong. 1992. Listen to an excerpt from "Murderbirth".

3-song - 7" record - $4.00

Out of Town CD
The first full-length release by Evidence, features five structured improvisations recorded on stage and in the studio. Based on field recordings made during a road trip during the summer of 2002, each composition explores the acoustic and timbral eccentricities specific to each location. These are sculpted into a mix of rolling ambient planes, textural sound puzzles, articulated noises, and polyrhythmic whirlwinds, revealing and redesigning the microscopic intricacies and larger shapes of the carefully recorded soundscapes. On the Deep Listening label. DL23-2003.

54 minute Compact Disc $10.00

"Smallwood and Moore make highly effective use of the world as instrument ... the contours of actual locations melt down to a distillation of their sounding properties. [Out of Town] finds cosmic and glacial evocations in the everyday, celestial vistas in the heart of banality. First and foremost, though, it's about hearing what's actually there and opening that out to a deeper listening." -- The Wire 236 - Oct. 2003

"Out of Town is filled with magical moments as the world transforms itself in the listeners ears." -- Signal to Noise 32, winter 2004

Growroom 7"
Two pieces that were improvised specifically for this release. These pieces illustrate the ambient, floating style that Evidence has come to call "jars tracks." Growroom is a signed and numbered edition of 200. On Televaw Records LVR001.

7" record - $4.00

Moodspool 7"
NEW!! Moodspool is a 7" vinyl record with two pieces that were created exclusively for this release. signed and numbered edition of 200. On Televaw Records LVR003.

7" record - $4.00

Scott Smallwood
Desert Winds: Six Windblown Sound Pieces
and Other Works.

Desert Winds is a series of six compositions based on the field recordings made in the Wendover/Great Salt Lake Desert Region on the Utah/Nevada border. The sounds recorded were all produced by the wind. Includes sounds recorded inside the hangar of Wendover Air Field, which housed the Enola Gay during World War II. On the Deep Listening label.

52 minute Compact Disc $13.00

Read an In-Depth review from Sonoloco.

Live Free or Die
This is the Live Free or Die! CD
"Forget about rock, this is a revolution! Ventriloquism at it's finest. Duo of the former Krebstar rhythm section making odd sounds. On Catchpenny records, Oakland.
Listen to track 8.

33 minute - 9-song CD in paper sleeve - $5.00

Towncar 7"
Includes the classic tracks Towncar, Spavid Story and Nicole Kidman. Cover art by Marc Arsenault. Cash Cow Records 8.

3-song - 7" record - $4.00

The Phlegmchuckers
Falling Down/Abduction Song 7"
First single from the legendary New York band. Matto (of Kitty Little) and Paul and Mike (of the Kiss-Ups). Anyone who saw their set at Valentine's in Albany on September 22, 2002 knows that this is the real thing. Peterwalkie Records 5.

2-song - 7" record - $4.00

Sharks Kill
This Could Be The Day... 7"
Great package of stuff! 4-song 7", great hand-printed cover, two booklets; the 16-page zine "this could be the day...", and a 16-page lyrics/photos/thoughts booklet on the world of Sharks Kill and a sticker. The songs: Dance Party USA, Year of the Rat, Common Enemy, Forever 17. From Portland, OR, on Atomic Fireball Records.

4-song - 7" record - $4.00

Video Games of the Twelfth Century
Compilation CD

The classic Brown Cuts Neighbors song "Starry Cellophane" from Speckled Pea of the Nets Machine appears on this compilation CD from Burping Turds Musick, which also features Rancid Hell Spawn, Faxed Head, Tape Beatles, Sockeye, MSBR and Trumans Water, among many others.

43-track - 73 minute CD in cardboard sleeve with liner notes - $6.00

books & zines
Joshua Baker
Notes from the Lighthouse zine issues 6-8
A set of three classic zines by Joshua Baker of the Broken Seats, Sawhorse and God Hates Computers. Josh is an ex-upstate New York guy who is now lurking around Portland, Oregon. These zines feature the best in down-and-out travel stories, trash-talikin' about Wal*Mart, 24-hour garage sales, instructions for zine use, and much more.

3 zines - 132 pages total - $5.00

Blood Mop
(Bold Statements with Body Excriments)
Reverend Joshua Baker
True tales of revolution through bodily fluids assembled by the editor of the late, great Notes From the Lighthouse zine. You’ll need to get this for the story on what happened with Notes.

16 page mini-zine $1.10

Carnival of Chaos
(On the road with the Nomadic Festival)
edited by Sascha Altman DuBrul
Absolutely essential reading from the editor of Collective Unconscious. Assembled here is one summers travels, with fliers, comics, writing and a whole buncha photos. Informative and inspirational. The groundwork. (And coincidentally the name of a Gwar album) Some chapter titles: "The Nomadic Soda Bandits Caper", "Arkansux Bungle", "The 24-Hour Speedfreak Helldrive to Oakland". Color covers by Fly and Eric Drooker

128-page trade paperback $7.00

Collective Unconscious
edited by Sascha Altman DuBrul
“A collection of dreams from the underground” with contributions from Fly, Cassandra Stark, Wendy-O-Matik, and a zillion others. Edited by Sascha, of Carnival of Chaos fame.

100+ page digest $4.00

art by Carrie McNinch  
SuperBlackBlack Three
edited by Ian Lynam
You may recognize Ian's work from his contributions to Mumbleboy. This issue features a 19-page installment of the Adventures of Frank and St. Valentine comic by Ian; articles on locusts and workplace theft; interviews with ace cartoonists Tom Hart and Jim Woodring; and comics and illustrations by Carrie McNinch (of The Assassin and the Whiner fame). All this plus the Ninja Factor seven inch compilation record on clear vinyl, featuring tracks from: Three Years Down, Dragon Rojo (ex-John Henry West/Undertow), Our Lady of the Highway, and Swing Swang Swung (ex-10:07).

Listen to a sample of Three Years Down's track "Sock it to me"

52 page half-legal book & 7" record $6.00

Shooting Space #1
Sam McPheeters
The World of The Men's Recovery Project. Lushly illustrated tale of their stops in Alaska on the 1996 "New Human" tour.

16 pages CD booklet format/color covers $1.60

Cool Beans #5
edited by Matt Kelly
Texas Issue. Rhythm Pigs, The Dicks, Randy Biscuit Turner (Big Boys!), 3 Day Stubble, J Church, Butthole Surfers, etc.

60-page magazine and 19-track CD $6.00

Brown Cuts Neighbors
fig. 2 Softball Shirt

Less a band or a TV show... and more of a clothing company. BCN has joined with Beam Outfitters to bring you a new series of stunning outerwear. This first of the new style is "fig. 2". Click on the shirt for a closer view.

Black and Gold on White w/Red Sleeve or Gray w/ Blue softball shirt. 100% cotton - $10.00

Available in sizes M, L, XL.


Economy Build-A-Shirt
Not really as complicated as it sounds. You get a 100% cotton white T-Shirt with three black and orange prints: A large back DeptEx logo (Show your pride!), a small DeptEx sleeve detail, and your choice of three front pocket designs: nickname: Rebel, Jason Martin / Magic Recording Eye or Frank Beam Outfitters. All for the low price of $9.00.

sizes: Child L, S, M, L, XL.


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