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Jason Martin is starting AN EVOLUTIONREVOLUTION. Details on MySpace

A poster for a Brown Cuts Neighbors show (with Small Girl Boils Water in Syracuse) by Steven Cerio showed up in the recent book - Swag: Rock Posters
of the '90s
nickname: Rebel have finished their debut EP "Tears Up The Streets" - out around April and are slowly working on their debut full-length disk "New Rock Church of Fire". otherwise we've stayed busy:

DeptEx made another none-to-shabby showing in the latest Metroland Best-Of issue. 51 Third Street received "Best Underground Music Venue" and Denim and Diamonds took "Best Live Band". Check out the details on Metroland's site.

DeptEx cofounder James Kopta passed away on August 9, 2002. The Boomerang Project has been created to release previously unseen works of his, including several CDs of music and a large collection of short stories and other writings. A memorial concert was held on September 22 to raise funds for this project. CDs are also due for release by James' bands Burn Unit and Exploding Corpse Action. A special section of has been set up featuring photos, memories, news and samples of James' music.

Deep Fry Bonanza singled out BCN in it's review of The Necessary Effect: Screamers Songs Interpreted with these kind words: "You'll also want to hear Brown Cuts Neighbors' version of "I Am a Mensch," which deconstructs the original into a bizarre hum of dystopian noise; I have a feeling that if the Screamers were emerging in the early 21st century rather than the mid-1970s they would have sounded very similar to this." Read the whole review.

release news

  • On February 23rd, 2005, 20 years will have passed for the recording label that began in "Mr. Vandelly's Government class" at Wakefield High School in Arlington, VA - Teen Beat Records. By way of saluting that, My Mean Magpie Records has released "Relax Brother, Relax" a tribute compilation available as FLAC or MP3 download and on CD in the near future. nickname: Rebel contributed their version of Sexual Milkshake's "Bargaining with the Bubblebot. Get yours now.
  • Rev. Joshua Baker's (Broken Seats) band - Chased & Smashed - has a 12" called "30 Seconds Over Hillsboro" out on Onion Flavored Records and a cut on the comp CD that comes with DIYinPDX from Tincansound.
  • Lincoln Money Shot have a new website and a new 4 CDR box set available exclusively from Flipped Out Recoeds
  • Denim & Diamonds have two new releases out now. The Street Medics Unite CD is available in the Deptex Shop. Check for more release details at the Denim + Diamonds site.
  • Jason Martin can be found several recent releases:
    1) jm featured on the latest "lumptronic" compilation, out of chicago, featuring mouse on mars and many others. theres one solo "jason martin" track and two "denim and diamonds" tracks.
    2) "the screed" an albany compilation cd which accompanies a zine by the same name. one jm track credited as "magic recording eye" appears - benefit for miss mary's art space
    3) "homemade ep series: disc #1" available at his shows and at last vestige in albany,ny. Three song cdr ep.
    4) We Want Our Country Back features his song "George Washington's 911th Dream"
  • Jason Martin produced Gaven Richard's (of Kamikaze Hearts) newest album - "Restaurant Island" - at DeptEx.
  • Jeff Grimes (of Broken Seats) and his band the Broken Strings have just released their 14 song debut CD Violent Girl. Meanwhile the Broken Seats own CD is still inching towards release...

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