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DeptEx participants, friends, collaborators, and the like
related record labels and publishers
  • Peterwalkee Records - home of Matto, the phlegmchuckers and Kitty Little.
  • Extravertigo Recordings and Xeroid Records of Seattle co-released "The Necessary Effect - Screamers songs Interpreted" which features the Brown Cuts Neighbors' version of "I'm A Mensch".
  • Wavelet Records offers many releases by Nyquist, Evidence and Scott Smallwood. You can find more Evidence (including their brand new limited 7"), as well as some nifty mini-CDs of 8-bit video game remix music by Max Nix and sCAUGHT on Televaw Records,
  • Vermiform - has released several recordings by Hail Mary (James Kopta and Matto were that band's guitarists) and the "Fruited Other Surfaces" compilation which contains a track by Marc Arsenault's project Krebstar.
  • RRR Records' RRR500 features lock groove tracks by Horseback Solids and Lettuce Little.
  • Ecstatic Peace released Dara's solo album, "Dara". Available from Forced Exposure or Father Yod. The EP site also has video of Evolution Revolution.
  • Noise Squatch Records has releases by James Kopta's band Exploding Corpse Action.
  • Lookout - Guest Broken Seat Jess Hilliard can be found on several records by Ne'er Do Wells, among others.
  • 4AD - Dara has joined His Name is Alive for several releases on this label
  • Time Stereo - released the Brown Cuts Neighbors' cassette "Greatest Monkey Band", as well as Dara's "New Grape" CD and the "Cooper Time" compilation which opens with the BCN take on the world of Alice Cooper.
  • Eerie Materials - Another NEW WEBSITE! (10/2007) Brown Cuts Neighbors are on two compilations from this controversial (now) Hawaii-based label, and still have a split 7" with Kleenex Girl Wonder planned for the future. We think.
  • Fantagraphics Books - Marc Arsenault edits the Vaughn Bodé Library for this Seattle-based comix publisher.
the musicmakers, the dreamers of dreams
our video friends
  • Offline - excellent showcase of indy video. BCN has two shorts in episode #80.
  • Squeaky Wheel Media Artist Access Center of Buffalo, New York. The presenters of the "weekly media art cable broadcast event", Axlegrease. Another venue that BCN has shown in.
  • Malinda Productions also holds it down at SACC TV, and has been a DeptEx participant on many occasions.
  • VIDVOX - Creators of VDMX and GRID video software.
  • NODE net - Custom video software creator deKam and friends.
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