Struggle in the Snuggle Factory 
I couldn't sleep last night... I kept having nightmares inspired by all the recent political tourmoil in Thailand and Mexico... I was convinced that it would somehow affect the supply of ingredients for more than half the food I eat...

We had this dream... once 
of becoming larger, more influential, yet being even less visible... and now? Well, I miss those cool show flyers.

Management Chairs 
"It's all about you and your high-quality, stylish needs."

It's very simple... 
Oh yeah. Drop out of society. Create your own fucking system man. You know the one reason that doesn't work? Well, you can blame the fucking Dutch East India Company, man. Because one day, you can be happily walking along in YOUR society and turn around to find out that you've been FUCKED by the larger system. So, it is your fucking right, duty, and priveledge to get out there, and, yes, participate in this mess, to make sure that you, and us, and all our friends out there don't get fucked. To not let all that we have created get destroyed, or worse, taken over and compromised.
-Marc A

btw. Check out Mouth to Mouth

The Best Leather You will ever know 
This has been a day. Quite a day. I'm freaking sunburned from being out at the Great Black Swamp Old-Time Strongman Picnic all day in Bowling Green, Ohio. I'm in Cleveland now. The Indians just tanked and the streets are a sea of diverted traffic... mostly from the fleeing fans but also from the many closed-off blocks of downtown--due to filming for Spiderman 3. Was wandering down Euclid earlier--no idea at all what was going on--I thought a bomb had gone off or something--parts of cars everywhere, crushed vehicles, posters from 15-year-old shows at Irving Plaza (Violent Femmes, Neubauten, X, and... These Arms are Snakes?!) Right after that chaos, wander by a hotel that has a stream of oddly leather clad folks wandering into the streets... I'm in complete Mad Max territory here... Sign in the lobby "The Best Leather You'll Ever Have" or something like that... WTF? Trying to find a reasonable place to eat, totally had wandered the wrong way, away from the warehouse district. Eventually turn around and wind up there. First thing I see and Hear is the torrent of someone pissing from the second floor of a parking garage. Evenually end up at a crazy bar and grill that makes these sandwiches with stacks of fries in them... Quite a day. More later... laster... maybe...

Il nun cattolico era caldo per una certa frantumazione 
We're looking for old film of Nuns. Also vegatables with faces. Unfortunately we cannot pay anything for this. We need this additional material to complete a film project about Italy right after the war. Please send all contributions to Zero Nun c/o DeptEx - 51 3rd St. - Troy, NY 12180. Thank you.

Man Pulls Truck, City on Fire 
Yesterday was quite an amazing day! Saw a car on fire on the thruway, watched Qigong Master Tu Jin Sheng pull a 15 foot moving van and I got a personal tour of his new traditional Shaolin-style training facility. The picture does not quite do it justice. A whole room of hand crafted traditional training gear. All sorts of gears, posts, stands, targets... You could still smell the freshness of the wood. Clicking on the photo brings you to some video clips of Master Tu's feats of strength. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention. Master Tu is also known as Iron Crotch, and he pulled that truck with his cock.

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