You need to de-focus in a specific direction 
you need to actually re-apply the established process

this involves train tracks and test patterns/test cards

tune in to the missing channels

overload the inputs

oversaturate as needed

refine your diet

make lists

Overlay with lines and xeroxes on the landscape through physical and electronic means

record source material on-site --- remix --- replay at site

employ scrambling, dish technology (parabolic receivers, fine china, snow sleds

Leave a trail

document sporadically

leave vague clues

find clues

if you drop a penny, do not pick it up! It could be someone else's lucky penny! How dare you abuse this power!

report back to me only through the post office

destroy this letter after you have printed it and applied as needed

The Revolution is a Flaming Crock of Shit! 
Don't Buy it! Steve Earle is a tool of THE MAN! But, when he wants to say "Motherfucker" in front of a bunch of little kids at a free public event in downtown Albany, NY... that's OK. As was seen 2 Summers ago in Washington Park. People sat quietly and attentively as if they were at a mass! or a funeral! What is this shit!??? If you tried to dance or shout on the lawn, the anemic old hippies yelled at you! When Brown Cuts Neighbors said "Motherfucker" in front of a bunch of little kids at a free public event in downtown Albany, NY - Specifically at Lark Fest 2000 - Well, that's a whole other story isn't it? People were dancing and having fun and joining in the fun... And we were shut down, SCOLDED! and Banned from Lark Fest.
So, in view of the treatment of the BCN - the Capital Districts one last vital artistic institution - I say Fuck you, Shut up, Revolution! Destroy this farce! Boycott Lark Fest and create your own event, free from the agendas of the bloated government in Albany and the machinations of the pathetic boosteristic leech like farces of "Chamber"s "Authority"s and "Business District"s

Any city that can't permit the continuation of Miss Mary's Art Space doesn't deserve our help.

--Marc Arsenault

B-E Bee
B-I Bickee Bye
B-O Boe Bicky Bye Boe
B-U Boo Bicky Bye Boe Boo.

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