Dandelion Radio Smells like Teen Beat in November

Unrest - Kustom Karnal BlackxploitationGet yourself tuned in to Dandelion Radio this month. It’s the last month to vote in the John Peel Festive 50. Get on there and pick your favorites now! You especially want to be tuning in to the Mark Whitby Show. Mark busts out with a three hour special show this month with three tracks from the ‘lost’ Miaow LP for Factory Records. Miaow’s Cath Carroll went on to record solo for Washington D.C.’s Teenbeat Records and was the subject of a classic single from their flagship band Unrest… which leads us to the next best reason to listen to Dandelion Radio this month…

Also on Mark W’s show, the cover of Unrest’s Konfusion from their classic Kustom Karnal Blackxploitation LP that nickname: Rebel recorded way the hell back in late 2004 is on the show in a un-mastered but still fun form. Keep your good eye peeled for that track in it’s final form on the New Rock Church of Fire LP from nickname: Rebel on the Wow Cool label in 2010.

Oh yeah, that festive fifty thing. We won’t mind if you get a vote in for nickname: Rebel. Some popular track titles from 2009 are: Ouroboros, Branston Pickle Crisis, Rescue Boat and Destination Excellence. Thanks.


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