Dandelion Radio Festive 50 +nickname: Rebel News

Dandelion Radio Session CoverPlay your part in making musical history, by taking part in this year’s Festive Fifty! The Festive Fifty is an annual chart featuring the previous year’s best tracks, as voted for by listeners. Legendary BBC broadcaster John Peel presented the first ever Festive Fifty on Radio 1 back in 1976, and continued to do so until his death in 2004. Radio 1’s One Music show hosted the poll in 2005, before Peel’s former production team asked Dandelion Radio to become the new home of the Festive Fifty from 2006 onwards.

Naturally we recommend you vote however your conscience dictates, but we won’t mind if you get a vote in for a band on the Wow Cool label. Nickname: Rebel did an exclusive 5-song session for Dandelion in June and you can hear and download two of those track below.

The entire session has now been mastered and will be released this Winter on Wow Cool along with videos for the Rescue Boat and Branston Pickle Crisis tracks. Shooting recently completed on the Rescue Boat video in HD, and it’s pretty crazy stuff.

nickname: Rebel Dandelion Radio Session by WOWCOOL

In the meanwhile you can hear a nickname: Rebel track on part one of this month’s two Mark Whitby shows on Dandelion. The song ‘Micronation Declares War’ will be in the show, streaming from Wednesday at www.dandelionradio.com. Check the schedule for when the show goes out. We’re one of the new bands featured alongside exclusives from Peel favorites Calvin Party. Trembling Blue Stars and Solex, and loads of other great stuff. Thanks again Mark for all your support!!!

The Offset Needle Radius Vs. nickname: Rebel album has been getting some healthy airplay all over the place, of special note today is Leftob Net Radio who put us in rotation despite being old school on the music rights thing instead of all CC. If you get it you do on that one. Thanks for listening everyone!

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