Creature Comforts Get It On

Three quarters of nickname: Rebel also get it on as the band Creature Comforts. They were featured on San Francisco’s Pirate Cat Radio on Saturday, June 12 in the Cheap Hooch Show. It is highly entertaining and you should download and listen to the podcast of the broadcast now.
download and listen to the podcast

Creature Comforts are playing two shows in San Francisco this month. Details on the Wow Cool events page.

Pirate Cat Radio is a studio, performance space and community asset located at 2781 21st Street, San Francisco. They provide a 24/7 program stream accessible on on the web by individual listeners. Pirate Cat Radio from time to time has been downloaded from the web and transmitted over the air as an extra-legal (unlicensed) service in Los Angeles, in Vancouver B.C., in Berlin, and in San Francisco using 87.9 fm and possibly other frequencies.