We are all made out of star stuff. For those of us who remember a time when Pluto was a planet, Australia was a continent and Vegetable Soup was a tv show… there is one magic, authoritative voice that has always sent a shiver of awe through our collective spine as it delivered a sense of cosmic awe and wonder. Yes, it is true… I stumbled upon this randomly tonight, but, really… no… I’m sitting here with that same sense of awe and wonder I had 25 odd years ago. Yes. The original Cosmos by Carl Sagan is being shown on the Discovery Science Channel. It really is just so good (and, to the best of my knowledge, with super string theory, and cold dark matter still not being all that in the cosmic theorem realm… still, um maybe 90 odd percent accurate on this cosmic scale stuff). Carl Sagan was just so, so good at this. He is much missed. Relive the wonder now (or for the first time) Cosmos page on Discovery Science.