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I don’t normally do this but I’m linking to a discussion on another blog:
It is particularly interesting for me because I’m not going to a bunch of shows for some of the exact reasons Dustin brings up but also, because I feel conflicted about supporting the pop-culture world of comics as entertainment and celebrity. Though that is also wrapped up in the price issue. Maybe I’ll expand on this later but for right now you should read what Dustin and a few people who disagree with him have to say.


  • J.T. Dockery Posted August 16, 2010 11:46 pm

    Actually, as somebody who has only just started in the past couple of years to hit up conventions, I'd be interested in your two cents on all this.

  • Steve Lafler Posted September 7, 2010 1:57 am

    I've been conflicted about conventions since my first show, San Diego in '83. There is a sleazy commercial factor at work, a big cash outlay too. Hard to make a profit let alone break even.
    Still, it can be so cool to talk shop, meet readers and fellow travelers on the comix path.
    It's all sort of a moot point for me now, as I live too far away to even consider attending shows!
    I will say, I admire Sparkplug for being the bearer of the torch — comics as unique, personal expression, going against the grain of commercial horse shit–and especially for trying to create a true alternative means of dissemination of comix, outside of the ratty corporate distribution racket. Rock on.

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