A lot of what I’d like to blog about is business stuff. I’m a big fan of the small business ideal and wish I could find out more about it myself. I was writing about this on the Sparkplug Myspace page but I’m going to continue it here.

Last Friday Bill Moyers had an amazing show on the growing economic and thereby social gap between the rich and poor in the US’s new “Gilded Age”. His guest for most of the show was Holy Sklar the director of the Business for Shared Prosperity project. One of my favorite things she talked about was the idea that the higher ups in most corporations or big organizations provide none of the “value” of their business. It is actually the grunts that provide all the value. You could, of course, apply this to comics as well but for me it is interesting in that in is an essentially communist (or at least socialist) idea explained in capitalist terms. Of course, I don’t know enough about either schools but hopefully I’m learning more.

She also explained, and they go over this on the website, the way healthcare and a higher minimum wage actually help the economy whereas a rich upper class does relatively little to help out their country’s economy. All basic liberal economics but Holy Sklar says it really eloquently.