Dig if you will an amazing event going down at St Marks Church in NYC.

((im playing “function generator bass and samples” in BUNNYBRAINS tomorrow, friday))

This is part of a festival that starts tonight I’ve forwarded part of the email about it below, but even if u cant catch us, theres plenty of stuff going down so go to free103’s website to get all the dates n acts n stuff.

NOISE! 2008
May 8, 2008: 10 p.m. – May 11, 2008: 1 a.m. at Ontological Theater, St. Mark’s Church, 131 E. 10th St., Manhattan, NY $10 admission; free video and audio online.

Noise! is a sound performance festival started in 2005. free103point9 curates for the second year. Each year the “Incubator” program at Ontological Theater hosts a Noise! festival, a three-night multi-arts event designed to promote interest in new forms of sound art.
The festival will feature short compositions and performances by established and emerging artists.
Each evening opens with a Radio 4×4 as the audience enters the theater.
Radio 4×4 is a free103point9 collaborative radio transmission performance. Four simultaneous audio performances are separately sent through FM transmitters to radios positioned throughout a performance space. Each radio receives only one of the signals, so that the audience becomes an active collaborator in the performance, “mixing” the audio feeds by moving about the space among the four signals. Other artists will perform each evening. Tianna Kennedy, Tom Roe, and Damian Catera will curate each evening. Streamed live on free103point9 Online Radio.

Thursday, May 8
Curated by Tianna Kennedy

Opens with Radio 4×4 with Tianna Kennedy + Mark Anderson + Jordi Wheeler + Tyler Nolan
Lith (Jordi Wheeler)
Diamond Terrifier (featuring Sam Hillmer from the Zs)
Dome Theater (Forrest Gillespie directing “Fucked for Real”)

Friday, May 9
Curated by Tom Roe

Opens with Radio 4×4 with Giancarlo Bracchi + Tom Roe + Slink Moss + Michael Garafalo.
Michael Garafalo (Latitude/Longitude)
Giancarlo Bracchi
Tom Roe

Saturday, May 10
Curated by Damian Catera

Opens with Radio 4×4 with Damian Catera + () + Tom Roe + John Baird
Damian Catera
Andrea Parkins

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