Brown Cuts Neighbors Two Heads Are Better Than Yours 30th Anniversary Reissue

Out today as a pay-what-you-want download on Bandcamp.

There have been stranger Valentine’s day gifts. Rereleased in digital form today — in the only release since the original limited run cassette tape from 1990 — is Brown Cuts Neighbors’ second recording with the full-band lineup. In a marked departure from the punchy pop rock pastiche of Plasm Spoon—released just a few months previously—Two Heads Are Better Than Yours is a full-on dive into the territory of Syd-era Pink Floyd psychedelic freak-outs, Adrian Sherwood’s On U Sound dub excursions with Mark Stewart and The Maffia, musique concrète, tape manipulation, drones, noise and other forms of controlled sonic chaos… at a time when half of the band were still juniors in high school.

It was the Brown Cuts Neighbors’ hour+ long cassingle. Expanded dub versions of the tracks Nighthead and Truckhead. Recorded at Home Base Lagoon and Ünd Grümm studios, Schenectady, New York, 1990. This was the first new music release under the Wow Cool label after a reissue of Plasm Spoon. Back then you could buy a copy in the Niskayuna High School store. No kidding. Pairs well with that juice box and pencil case.