Brown Cuts Neighbors Squeeze Out Another Twinkle 25th Anniversary

The 25th Anniversary edition of the classic 1995 Brown Cuts Neighbors EP Squeeze Out Another Twinkle is out today, Friday August 28th. Contains the classic tracks “X Simple X” and the Gypsy punk live favorite “We Hunted For Vests in Charcoal”. First time ever available in digital. Originally released as a 33 1/3 RPM 7″ vinyl record in 1995 by Nose Hair with the catalog number 006. Thank you Alan Mack.


Produced by Mike Rose and Jason Martin.

Mixed at Hyland Studios, Albany New York. Recorded at 1BCN studio.

Jason Martin: Vocals, guitar, keyboard, tape machines, effects
Jim Kopta: Guitar, keyboard
Dara Albro: Bass, drums
Mike Rose: Saxaphone
Mike Lopez: Drums
Bryan Kieser: Tenor straw
Tyson: Drums

Available to stream in all the usual places: